Michaelmas: Of Harvest Festivals and Holy Warriors

Come out, 'tis now September, the hunters' moon's begun,And through the wheaten stubble we hear the frequent gun;The leaves are turning yellow, and fading into red,While the ripe and bearded barley is hanging down its head. September the 29th is the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, traditionally known as Michaelmas. Though not as widely … Continue reading Michaelmas: Of Harvest Festivals and Holy Warriors

Politics of Meat: A Ecofascist Perspective

As a student of ecological thought, particularly from a rightist or traditionalist perspective, I am well-acquainted with the arguments concerning veganism, hunting, factory farming, and so forth. But after a flurry of youthful idealism I mostly set these considerations aside and settled into a fairly comfortable compromise with the status quo. However, Jef Costello’s recent … Continue reading Politics of Meat: A Ecofascist Perspective

Living Monuments

An earlier version of this essay was published at Counter-Currents Magazine on July 30, 2020. It was written during the worst days of iconoclastic fury precipitated by the George Floyd protests, and repeats verbatim various points made in earlier articles. My ancestors arrived in the Tidewater region of this continent around 400 years ago, and … Continue reading Living Monuments


Over the next few days I'll be posting several of the essays I have written over the last year. I abandoned this site for several months and have been publishing primarily through Counter-Currents Magazine, in an effort to reach a broader audience for feedback and new ideas. While my own intellectual and political orientation differs … Continue reading Returning